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Welcome to the world´s first internet site totally devoted to Koi pins (badges).
As you may already know, several years ago in Japan the Nishikigoi were born. This resulted in a new hobby which you probably share. To compare the breeding results, breeders of Koi started to organise Koi shows where the Koi competed against each other to compete for the most beautiful Koi. As the hobby grew people all over the world got together and formed Koi clubs or societies, the main reason for doing that was to meet likewise people and to gather information about Koi keeping.

When a club matured they eventually organised Koi shows, and to spread the club’s spirit at the show they introduced Club pins (or badges as the English keep on saying). In that way, one could easily recognize the club somebody belonged to. These small decorations of club devotion soon started to grow in numbers and after some time clubs made special pins for special occasions like shows, seminars, anniversaries etc.

As the amount of pins grew, people started collecting them as these small decorations were indeed small works of art. This site will be an ode to all the people who design pins and all those clubs that have them.
Toën Feyen.

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